Two French Masses


Requiem, Opus 9 by Maurice Duruflé and Mass in G Major by Francis Poulenc. Randolph F. Jones, conductor.

Maurice Duruflé, in a letter to Randolph Jones, stated that the Colorado Choir’s presentation of his Requiem, here included, revealed an: “…outstanding interpretation…excellent…perfect…a lot of power…”

The Duruflé Mass was recorded live in Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall with The Colorado Choir Festival Orchestra. The Poulenc Mass was recorded in May 1995 in Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado.

Requiem, Opus 9 for soloists, chorus, orchestra and organ by Maurice Duruflé
1. I. Introit: Choir
2. II. Kyrie: Choir
3. III. Domine Jesu Christe: Choir and Baritone solo – Craig Cunningham, baritone
4. IV. Sanctus: Choir
5. V. Pie Jesu: Mezzo-soprano solo – Randa Degerness, soprano
6. VI. Agnus Dei: Choir
7. VII. Lux aeterna: Choir
8. VIII. Libera me: Choir and Baritone solo – Craig Cunningham, baritone
9. IX. In Paradisum: Choir

Mass in G Major for mixed chorus and a cappella (1937) by Francis Poulenc
10. I. Kyrie
11. II. Gloria
12. III. Sanctus
13. IV. Benedictus
14. V. Agnus Dei – Randa Degerness, soprano

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