Sing We Merrily


Hymn arrangements including: Blessed Assurance, A Mighty Fortress, Lift High the Cross, This Is My Father’s World, and Beautiful Savior. The contemporary cantata, Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo by Michael Flanders and Joseph Horowitz, with jazz ensemble; and, Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength by Martin Shaw, complete this offering.

1. A Mighty Fortress – Martin Luther, arr. Paul J. Christiansen
2. This is My Father’s World – Franklin L. Shepherd, arr. Paul J. Christiansen
3. Beautiful Savior (Silesian folk tune) – arr. F. Melius Christiansen
4. Lift High the Cross – arr. Paul J. Christiansen
5. Blessed Assurance – arr. Nancy Wertsch
6. Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength – Martin Shaw

Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo – Michael Flanders and Joseph Horovitz
7. Introduction – No. 1 “The Lord looked down on the earth and it made him sad”
8. No. 2 “The people of Fun City…”
9. No 3. “Then Japhet, Shem and Ham fetched a ewesheep and a ram…”
10. No. 4 “It looks like rain, now won’t that just be jolly!”
11. No. 5 “For the floodgates of Heaven were opened…”
12. No. 6 “Forty days and nights living under hatches…”
13. No. 7 “For the Lord closed the floodgates of Heaven…”
14. No. 8 “Father Noah please open the porthole…”
15. No. 9 “Then the Lord looked down on the ark and he spoke to Noah…”
16. No. 10 “Oh what a wonderful scene, the rainbow overhead…”

©2000 The Colorado Choir and Chorus Organizations, Inc.