A Tradition of Excellence Vol. 1


Selections on this disc have been compiled from previously recorded Colorado Choir CDs with the intent of providing the listener with a generous sample of the group’s varied works. Randolph F. Jones, conductor.

1. Choose Something Like a Star – Randall Thompson, Patricia Cottrell, piano
2. Last Words of David – Randall Thompson, Patricia Cottrell, piano
3. Alleluia – Randall Thompson
4. Elijah Rock – Jester Hairston
5. Rock-A-My Soul – Paul J. Christiansen
6. My Song in the Night – Paul J. Christiansen, Kirsten Peaslee, soprano
7. I’d Enter Your Garden – Johannes Brahms
8. How Sad Flow the Streams – Johannes Brahms
9. O Savior, Throw the Heavens Wide – Johannes Brahms
10. Oh Filii et Filiae – Volckmar Leisring
11. Oh, How Beautiful the Sky – Paul J. Christiansen
12. Hallelujah Chorus – from Messiah – G.F. Handel
13. Little Wheel a Turnin’ – Theron W. Kirk
14. My Lord, What a Mornin’ – H.T. Burleigh
15. Same Train – Robert Shaw/Alice Parker
16. Beautiful Savior – Paul J. Christiansen, Randa Degerness, soprano

©1993/1994/1996/2000 The Colorado Choir and Chorus Organizations, Inc.