A German Requiem, Opus 45 by Johannes Brahms


This convincing world premiere arrangement of Brahms’ Requiem with organ, harp, and timpani was recorded in Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado, with Randa Degerness, soprano; Nathan Jones, baritone; Frederick Hohman, organist; Kathy Budock Moore, harpist; and, Mark Foster, timpanist. Randolph F. Jones, conductor.

English language version
Arrangement for organ, timpani, and harp by Frederick Hohman

1. Blessed are they that mourn
2. Behold, all flesh is as the grass
3. Lord, make me to know
4. How lovely is Thy dwellingplace
5. Ye now are sorrowful
6. Here on earth have we
7. Blessed are the dead

©1990 The Colorado Choir and Chorus Organizations, Inc.